The Development of Flat Cap

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Every single people in the world have interesting view of fashion. It because fashion can influences our lifestyle. Flat cap is one of fashion hat product. There are many people in every country wear flat cap in their activities. However, most of them do not know about the history of flat cap itself. Furthermore, this essay will explain you the development of flat cap.


Flat cap begun at 14th Century in Northern England which people was likely call “cap”. In 1571, Act of British Parliament compulsory all men and boys over age of 6 except for noblemen and person of degree to wear flat cap on Sunday and holidays. The purpose of regulation was to encourage domestic wool and general trade. Men or boys who did not obey the regulation were fined ¾ pence per day. Flat caps were almost popular in 19th century among working class men in Britain and Ireland. In addition, the upper class worn the flat caps made by high quality cloth. Mather (2001) said, "A flat cap is assumed in folk mythology to represent working class, but it also denotes upper class affecting casualness. So it is surely classless, and there lies its strength.” Even though the Act was abolished in 1597, men continued worn the cap. Then, flat cap became a fashionable worn man in 1920s.

How does it become popular?

We can see people in many countries wear flat cap. Do you know how it becomes popular? Seemingly, flat cap became popular by European immigrants settled in United States thus, flat caps became one of the United States fashion. Hollywood actors also promote this cap, such as Brad Pitt, Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher. It can be a challenge for US designers, because they have to understand the fashion lover needs especially for flat cap. That is why, flat cap become trend centre.

Flat cap in Indonesia

How about flat cap in Indonesia? They called it “topi pelukis” or “topi seniman”. It is because there are too many artists and painters worn flat cap in their daily activities. They are Didy Petet and Dedy Mizwar as Indonesian senior and popular actors, Butet as an Indonesian famous artist and comedian. There is Andrea Hirata from writer community that usually wear flat cap in his activities. If we are visiting Yogyakarta and walking at Malioboro Street, we can see most of all street painters wear flat cap.

Flat cap and me

As the flat cap lover, I always wear flat cap when I hangout on weekend. I feel more confident because I can show myself honestly to my friends and another people with my style. Another reason I do love wear flat cap is because I will look like western people or artist or musician.


In conclusion, flat cap is one of fashion product that changes the images of working class to the popular and universal fashion hat. Flat cap become a popular fashion hat in all society level. All people can wear this cap in their daily activities to support their lifestyle. This is one of occurrence transmitted culture that happens and we can see the new variant of flat cap in the future appropriate the development of fashion.




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