12 February 2013 23:25:27 Dibaca : 492

Bentor is a kind of transportation in Gorontalo. This transportation makes this province different with another. Bentor is the evolution of Becak. We know Becak is the transportation that combines of bicycle and cart. But Bentor is created by motor cycle and cart (the combination), that is why it called Bentor or Becak Motor. Now, there is a community of Bentor driver, “Ikata Pengemudi Bentor” or most Gorontalo people say “IPB”. They are spread almost in all traffic line. Usually, the community (IPB) is organizing the members for each traffic line. The cost is depend of distance of the place that passenger will go to. Usually, I pay Rp. 4000,- to go to Campus from my home in Asparaga. I would like to suggest you that you should make a deal with the driver before the journey. Because, sometimes I heard some information from my friends that they paid more to the driver than another day even though the distance is not far as they think before. And they realized that they did not make a deal before about that.


  • Masih Kosong


  • Masih Kosong