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27 June 2013 06:28:42 Dibaca : 1665

        I would like to tell you about my experience in student orientation. It began when I was a new comer in Gorontalo State University, English Department. According to schedule of each faculty, the activity of student orientation was during 4 days. It divided into 2 days in department of faculty and for the other days in faculty senate. I felt there was no freedom for me and my friends of the year. We could not do something without seniors order. We had to come to university at 5 a.m. every day in this phase. Then, if someone came late he or she would got a punishment. Seniors liked kings and queens and I with my friends as their servants. Some of my friends got a “NSP”. They had to sing a song or do something funny when a senior called their names. Absolutely, it was embarrassed. One day, in the early morning, about 5:15, I and my friends sat on the ground listened a senior instruction for activities that day. After that, senior command us to stand up. Unfortunately, one of my friends did not do the command. His name is Vecky. He still sat on the ground. Suddenly, a senior came to his position and said loudly, “Hey, you are vexing! Did you not listen to me?”. My guess was right, Vecky still sleepy. Then, he got up with our laughing. One thing that I do not forget in this phase is I got budget from Mrs. Basalamah when I right answer her question. It was interesting experience that happened in my life.


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  • Masih Kosong