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Government should Add the Regulation of Santet or Black Magic

Santet or people call it black magic is a type of magic which is believed to use the power of devil in order to do evil whereas regulation is an official rule made by a government or some other authority (Oxford Dictionary: 112, 1115). It was one of hot topic that is discussed by people especially by legislator of Indonesian Constitution recently. Some of them disagree to add the regulation of santet or black magic in Indonesian Constitution because the verification of this case is so difficult. However, according to the definition I do believe government should add the regulation of santet or black magic as one of the Indonesian Constitution, because there are three points of view that it can support my assumption, santet or black magic can make someone or people in danger; this case is similar with cyber crime; and our country is the religious one.

The first and the most important reason is santet or black magic can make someone or people in danger. Person can use shaman as the mediator or someone who give service to kill another person by giving the unthinkable dieses with mantra. For example, Diana Sumareangin, she is one of the victims. Moreover, she is my friend’s mother, Handre Sumareangin exactly. He told me the chronological process about his mother death by santet or black magic. He said that his mother got unusual dieses before dying. There were five wires in Mrs. Sumareangin’s stomach. It made her difficult to do anything in her daily activities. Even though her family did their best to cure her by staying in hospital with the professional and qualified doctor team in surgery and also by alternative medication with some experts but, it was unsuccessful. Conversely, her family felt sorrowful and also they would terrible financial in that time. Mrs. Sumareangin was gone in 22nd of August 2005.

The second reason is this case is similar with cyber crime. It is because santet and cyber crime are the abstract things but we can feel the effect of these crimes. For instance, cyber crime can make someone or company loss out. For example, Crish Allan is a hacker. Even he was a senior high school student when he broke into one of American company’s system and it made the company loss out but, the government decided he as the suspected. Then, he secluded in jail for four years. And the other hand, Ki Sugeng just got the people punishment in Handre’s case. The government did not give a hand to solve this accident. It was not fair. Ki Sugeng as suspected and he must get criminal and civil laws punishments. Handre and his family were not only got terrible financial but also sadness came to them because of her mother’s death. In addition, I think government can create the Security Institution of Santet/Black Magic as the one of the example to solve this case. Consequently, each person in this institution is professional about santet or black magic such as Ustadz Jefri Al-Bukhori from Islamist, Ki Joko Bodo from paranormal, Roni Nitibaskara from criminologist, and Sunarto from metaphysic. So, each case of santet or black magic can be solved and proved by scientific and supernatural.

The last reason is Indonesia is one of religious country. According to Indonesian Basic Constitution in fourth paragraph, “…Indonesia’s National Independence shall be laid down in a Constitution of the State of Indonesia, which is to be established as the State of the Republic of Indonesia with sovereignty of the people and based on the belief in the One and Only God ” we have to realize about this thing. Moreover, the majority people in this country are Muslim. Base on Islamic law, santet or black magic is syirik or belief in more than one God. It means the regulation of santet or black magic can more protect Indonesian people especially Muslim from syirik. It is because syirik is the biggest sin in Islam. Moreover, the condition of this case it is similar with other kinds of crime that has same laws of religion such as, stealing, mistreating, violating and etc.

In conclusion, santet or black magic should have to be regulated by government. It will protect someone or people in this country from metaphysic danger and by Security Institution of Santet/Black Magic, the suspected can get the punishment base on the regulation itself, it includes the criminal law and civil law. Moreover, it will increase people’s faithful. Therefore, it is the best thought and the best way that should government applies by adding the regulation of santet or black magic as one of Indonesian Constitution as soon as possible for social safety of people in Indonesia.



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