Daily Life

14 October 2021 10:46:53 Dibaca : 57

I`m Sri Ratna Nur Citra Dewi, people always to call me Citra. And now, I want to tell my daily life.I live in Gorontalo city specifically Tenilo village in the west city. My father is a businessman,specifically in fish farmer and My mother is a trader because she has a stall beside the house. Every day after online class,I clean my house and after that I help my mother in the stall. In my neighborhood,the majority are Javanese who sell ice cream,but the ice cream is made by their own hands.They often buy the ingredients for making ice in my stall.I`m very happy when I serve them because they are very gentle and friendly,and the uniqueness of them is when in their environment someone has just given birth, they compactly provide everything related to baby,and when someone has just returned from their hometown they provide ingredients such as sugar, milk, rice, and other ingredients.I feel tired but I feel happy too when I serve them and they also buy everything they need in my stall. On the weekend,I and my family go to the beach to refresh and relieve fatigue. That is my daily life, I`m following online class, wash my house, help my mother in the stall and the evening i do my homework, and after that,before i go sleeping sometimes I`m listening music and playing game. I think enough for my daily life...Thank you


  • Masih Kosong


  • Masih Kosong