Story Of My Life

14 October 2021 17:49:14 Dibaca : 11

My name is Nova Masadi,people used to call me Nova.I'm currently away from home, I'm a boarding house boy.Coincidentally, my activities at the boarding house weren't very interesting, so I'll tell you about my activities while I was at home.

I come from Moodulio Village, Bone District, Bone Bolango Regency.My activities at home when I wake up in the morning I immediately fix the bed, of course.Then I went to the kitchen to help my mother cook.

sometimes i'm the only one who cooks whether it's breakfast or lunch,I really like doing it. cooking while listening to music and humming a little it's very nice it feels like my own kitchen.sometimes i cook with my sister

For example, I'm in the cooking section, my sister is in the fish frying section.Because honestly I'm very scared and don't dare to fry fish.

my mother was very happy to see us taking over the kitchen.We also have fun so that my mother doesn't have to be tired of cooking and doing housework.

my mom could have done everything.but I think there's nothing wrong with me trying to do everything, besides I can master housework, I'm a woman who might be sued so I can take care of the house.

Basically I really enjoy my busy life at home.In addition to increasing my homework knowledge, it can also make me sweat like someone who has finished it's not in vain that I feel tired, because even the sweat that comes out is a form of my body's health.

so I don't have to worry if in the morning or the next day I don't do sports.Well that's my story at home.sorry if it's not clear and hard to understand.




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  • Masih Kosong