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Hope or so-called harapan. There is this one single feeling that I have towards this word, that is, a feeling of wanting to keep trying my best towards something that seems really impossible to achieve. Hope, in a sense, differs from one person to another. One will describe this feeling of wanting to be the best version of themselves in the future and the other will describe it as a way to survive whatever situation they are dealing with. For me, hope it's like this one little light in a fully dark room, rain in the longest droughts, a sleep after a long day of work. There were times when I felt like I was not capable enough to deal with stuff, when I could not achieve something that I desired, when I was extremely tired."Mari diusahakan, kamu harus punya harapan"  seems to me like this one powerful sentence that can give me this one boost of motivation, confidence, and all the perseverance needed. To hope that things will get better, to hope that your dreams will come, to hope that you're relationship with the one you love will have a happy ending. These things are powerful to the extent that it give you some sort of power to keep trying and doing whatever is needed.


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  • Masih Kosong