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My Name is Hidayat and this is a story about my KKN activities.

As a member of the KKN (Community Service) team at my university, i had the opportunity to spend forty five days in Desa Karyamukti, Kecamatan Mootilango, Kabupaten Gorontalo working on a project, KKN TEMATIK Desa Membangun.

One of the main activities we focused on vaccinate the villagers, we carry out this program for a week, We are working with village officials in carrying out vaccinations in Desa Karyamukti. We come to the house and record the residents in Desa Karyamukti who have not been vaccinated. We are assisting village officials in implementing this vaccine, because in Kabupaten Gorontalo, Desa karyamukti is one of 15 villages where at least the villagers have not yet administered the vaccine.

Vaccines are a very powerful tool in our fight against COVID-19. Following recent reports of a serious but extremely rare side effect of blood-clotting from two vaccines, we understand why people may be concerned about the risks of vaccination. But it is also important to keep in mind the risks of COVID-19: the risk of serious adverse reactions of vaccination is much lower than the risk of serious disease or even death as a result of infection with COVID-19. This is why WHO strongly recommends vaccination against COVID-19, starting with people in priority groups - health workers, older persons and people with underlying health conditions – who are more exposed to infection, and at higher risk of serious illness and death if they become infected with the virus.

In carrying out this vaccine work program, we had several obstacles with rumors about the dangers of vaccines which were said to have chips in them, and caused serious illness, which spread to residents, which made residents reluctant to do vaccines. Some were angry with us, some ran when they saw us, and did not open the door for us. But Alhamdulillah, after the vaccine was administered, several residents who did the vaccine and knew about the benefits of the vaccine, told residents who were afraid of vaccines that the vaccine was harmless and very important for them. and finally they want to be vaccinated.

Village head, we are very grateful to us students who have helped them carry out the vaccination activity, because the number of people who got the vaccine increased from 15% to 80%, and because of that, the village has been freed by the government to be able to carry out the event/ activities that invite many people.

Overall, The KKN experience in Desa Karyamukti it was exciting and full of struggle to do it, working with the villagers and village officials. And made the villagers aware of how important vaccines are to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Gorontalo, and I am grateful to be able to contribute to vaccination activities in this Desa Karyamukti.




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