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My daily activities

14 October 2021 11:51:22 Dibaca : 15

I want to tell my daily activities. i live in gorontalo, east city specifically in padebuolo. Now I live with my mother, my mother is just a housewife. From Monday to friday, I usually wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I need to prepare myself because at 8.00 i have morning class. There are many activities I have to do before going to study. First of all, I do my bed until it is very tidy. After that, I sweep the floor. I love to see my room neat and clean. When I still feel sleepy, I walk around my house. Also, I do some physical movements to stretch my body. Then, at 6 am. I help my mom to clean the house, usually I sweep the floor of my house, after that I go to the kitchen to cook and wash the dishes. after that, at 7 am. I have breakfast then take a shower and get ready to take morning classes, usually my morning classes end at 10.30.

after class ends I usually call my friends to get information whether there are still unfinished assignments or not, if not I continue to open social media. After getting tired of playing smartphones, i have lunch and take a break to wait for the second lesson. My second class ends at the latest usually at 16.40. After all my classes are over, I usually help my mom to water the flowers. and after that I prepared myself to pray. At 7 pm usually when my cousin has work, I help my cousin to do his unfinished work or just sit around playing with my smartphone, until 10:00 I go to the bathroom to wash my face and sleep.

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  • Masih Kosong


  • Masih Kosong