14 October 2021 10:52:59 Dibaca : 14

At 5 in the morning, I usually wake up to do some jogging to make my body more healthy after the jogging, I began to eat some breakfast, after that I need to take a shower to clean all up myself, and the next thing I do is cleaning the house and wash all the dishes when all is clear I need to gardening my mother flower and plant to make it healthy, the next thing I want to do is playing basketball with my cousin or maybe my friend, after playing basketball I started to take a shower again because I'm sweating after playing basketball, after the shower is finished I started to do my homework and began a zoom meeting to discuss the task with my friend after the zoom is ended and my task is finish I go dinner with my family and talk about our day and after the dinner is done me and my brother wash all the dishes when it all done I need to wash my face and brush my teeth before I go to bed, when it all done I go to sleep and don't forget praying before sleeping and good night.


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