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     Judging from his sense Agroteknologi like studying agricultural technology that people look more to the technology of heavy machinery in agriculture . but the view was wrong , Agrotechnology more directed at learning of agricultural technology in terms of cultivation , plant protection and plant growth media . So this Agroteknologi learn more about the technology of how to grow good plants producing high and provide benefits to the environment.
     Prodi Agroteknologi studied two components of plants and soil , where the two are closely related . Plants growing on the land , therefore that plants can grow well then we also need to know the ins and outs of the media where the plants grow . Many things were learned in terms of plant cultivation and protection of the plant itself . In terms of cultivation do some lab work that has been done them no good crop of technology and annual annuals , tissue culture , plant physiology , botany , seed technology , etc. . Here we learn from the shape of the seed to harvest . For the media that the land plants we also do some lab work that is used to determine the physical, chemical and biological soil . The lab work done of soil science , soil health , biological and soil fertility , soil microbiology , etc. . Here we study the content of a soil , soil type , soil fauna to damage the soil . In addition , Agrotechnology also studied crop protection mainly of plant pests and diseases .